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Custom-fit car floor mats for your health

In the middle of winter, the need for high-quality car floor mats is at its highest. The cold and wet weather and snow can not only take a toll on our car, but also on our health. So far, we have mentioned a lot about the proper role of car floor mats for the stock of cars. There is also no doubt that they protect us from traffic accidents. But high quality car mats are also good for our health.

Especially in winter, many bacteria, fungal spores and viruses spread in the car. We bring mud with the soles of our shoes and thus countless germs from our walks or visits to the toilet. These germs multiply on the floor due to the high humidity in winter, get into the air and are inhaled by us. Heating in the car also creates a foul and suffocating smell that shows how unhealthy the air in the car actually is.

To prevent this, we need car mats that are easy to install and easy to maintain. On the other hand, it is important that the surface of the car mats is not porous. Car mats with a porous structure absorb moist dust and dirt, and if the germs get into the air, it is a great danger to our health. Especially people with asthma and allergies can suffer a lot.

Non-porous surface and simple application for your health

car floor mats

That's why, first and foremost, we need car mats that are impermeable to water and do not trap dirt. On the other hand, car mats must be easy to install and remove, but also easy to maintain, so that we have the time and inclination to clean them regularly. Many car mats make it difficult for us to maintain them regularly and we endanger our health as a result.

As doormat pro we produce 3D rubber floor mats that make regular cleaning much easier for drivers. These are precisely fitting car floor mats that do not absorb dirt and moisture due to their smooth surface. They do not let water through and can be attached or removed in just a few minutes thanks to the clever fastening clips.

Car mats against moisture in the car

This means that germs can no longer find a place on the upholstery or the roof lining. There are no mould stains that can worsen the air in the car and affect our health. On the other hand, these rubber car mats are non-slip and have a high surrounding edge. This protects the car interior from moisture.

Precisely fitting car floor mats at fussmattenprofi

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With us you will find custom-fit car floor mats, ranging from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats up to Volvo Floor Mats, including also BMW floor mats, VW floor mats, Mercedes floor mats and Audi floor mats. No matter whether Opel Whether it's a Peugeot, a Peugeot or a Peugeot, you'll find the right car mat for every make and model. Visit our online shop, order the car floor mats for your vehicle in a few minutes and protect your health from harmful air in the car.

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