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4D boot mats for optimum boot protection

Not only the foot area, but also the boot in a car must be kept clean and protected from damage. Boot mats are a great help here. The basic prerequisite is: you have high-quality boot mats.

Now the question arises as to what makes a high-quality boot mat. There are various criteria that you need to consider when buying a boot mat or boot carpet.

Just like in the floor area, we also need mats in the boot with an exact fit. A car boot mat should definitely be vehicle-specific. For example, if you have a Dacia Duster should have a boot mat available for this car model.

Tailor-made luggage compartment mats with many advantages

Anyone who has a custom-made boot mat has effective protection in the boot against liquids and dirt that can get into the vehicle interior and cause damage to the bodywork. Every boot is cut differently and it therefore makes sense to have a custom-fit boot mat in use.

On the other hand, precision fit means optimum slip resistance, which makes our work easier when loading and unloading. With universal mats, this facilitation cannot be achieved because the boot mat moves back and forth.

A water-repellent anti-friction mat for optimum boot protection should also have a high edge. This involves 4D luggage compartment matsThey fit perfectly in the boot and the edges do not allow a drop of water to enter the vehicle interior. This also prevents liquids and dirt from getting under the mat.

Rubber boot mat made of durable rubber

Another criterion when choosing a boot mat is the material. In the case of universal mats, we usually observe a cheap material made of low-quality plastic, which brings with it many disadvantages. Such Boot mats are short-lived and harm the environment. They are also not odourless and this can be unpleasant.

A good solution are Rubber boot mats made of high-quality material. A durable luggage compartment mat plays a particularly important role in the luggage compartment, as you are always putting things in or taking things out. Recommended are Car boot mats made of rubber.

Such a car accessory is extremely durable, water-repellent, easy to clean, long-lasting, odourless and does not harm the environment. It keeps the boot clean and undamaged for many years, so you don't have to keep buying a new car boot mat.

Perfect solution for dog owners

Such a boot protector is especially needed by drivers who have to transport their dog in the boot every day. This prevents the boot from getting scratched and dirty on a daily basis. This keeps the boot in perfect original condition.

As doormat pro we offer you high-quality rubber boot mats for precise boot protection. These are mats made of durable rubber. No matter whether you Dacia Duster Boot Mats, Peugeot 3008 Boot Mats, Renault Clio Boot Mats visit our online shop, find your car there and order your customised boot mat in just a few minutes.

Exact fit load sill protectors and floor mats

loading sill protection

In addition to these car accessories, you will also find Bumper protection and customised 4D Floor mats and 5D Floor mats for your car. At 4D Floor mats it is a matter of Rubber Floor Mats. 5D floor mats are TPE floor mats with an extra high rim.

Starting from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats up to Volvo Floor Mats we offer car mats, including also Mercedes floor mats, BMW floor mats, VW floor mats, Audi floor mats, Aiways U5 Floor Mats, Truck floor mats, Truck floor mats etc.

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