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MAN: Commercial vehicle manufacturer with history and expertise

MAN is a renowned brand in the commercial vehicle industry with a wide range of products and services. This company is Man Truck & Bus, which is one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe with annual sales of almost 11 billion euros.

The company employs over 3,400 people in Germany alone, another 2,400 in France and around 6,000 worldwide. It offers a wide range of commercial vehicle products and services.

From compact to heavy trucks for the distribution and logistics sector as well as buses for urban or interurban transport are part of the company's product portfolio. In addition, the commercial vehicle manufacturer produces marine engines, transmissions and axles for marine applications.

Commercial vehicle manufacturer with a history of 250 years

commercial vehicle manufacturer

The history of the MAN Group spans more than 250 years. MAN has been manufacturing engines since 1897. Diesel engines were added in 1911. Four years later, the commercial vehicle manufacturer began producing petrol engines. Economy and efficiency were important development goals for MAN even then and still apply today.

The first truck off the production line was a MAN 515 L1. Engine production remained in Nuremberg. Trucks were in demand during the reconstruction after the Second World War. In the 1950s, the MAN F8 with its 180 hp V8 engine became the flagship of the economic miracle in the new Federal Republic.

MAN also demonstrated its innovative strength in bus construction. In 1961, the commercial vehicle manufacturer launched the 750 HO, the first bus in modular design. The standardised chassis was used with different body variants for regular service buses, intercity buses and coaches.

New technologies in the millennium

MAN starts the new millennium with new innovations. In 2000, the "Trucknology Generation Type A" called TGA set new standards in comfort and ergonomics as well as new technologies such as the MAN TipMatic or the MAN Comfort-Shift for optimal gear changes. With the acquisition of the NEOPLAN bus brand in 2001, MAN strengthened its position in the premium coach segment.

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