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High quality car mats with high border

Raised edges on car floor mats are an important parameter if you want to buy high-quality floor mats for your car. If you want to guarantee protection, safety and comfort while driving, you can play it safe with car floor mats with a raised edge. Rubber mats with a raised edge are 3D floor mats that significantly improve fit, slip resistance and water-repellent properties. This means maximum safety and the best protection and comfort. In addition, a raised edge on rubber floor mats can provide a visual eye-catcher. Such rubber floor mats with an extra high edge not only cover the foot area, but also the side walls, which is a real asset in many respects.

Raised edges for optimal slip resistance and fitting accuracy

vw golf floor mats Raised edges ensure that the car floor mats fit well and this improves the accuracy of fit and therefore the slip resistance. This is a very important feature that prevents accidents due to jammed pedals caused by slipping floor mats. On the other hand, you can combat soiling much better thanks to the raised and reinforced edge. Leaking wetness or melted snow is therefore a thing of the past. This means not only cleanliness, but also protection of the bodywork, which can otherwise be affected by dirt and moisture.

Car floor mats with raised edge for better resale value

Car mats Damage to the bodywork means high repair costs. On the other hand, the resale value can also be severely affected. If you intend to sell your car at a later date, you should protect the bodywork from corrosion with high-quality rubber floor mats with raised and reinforced edges. Raised edges also support the odour and sound-absorbing properties of car floor mats. By protecting the side walls from moisture and noise, the effect is enhanced, ensuring a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

Custom-fit floor mats at fussmattenprofi

ford kuga As doormat pro we offer drivers 3D floor mats with an extra high edge so that you can experience all the benefits to the full. These car mats are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly TPE material and are laser-measured for a 100 per cent perfect fit. We also use clever clips on our car mats, which make them easier to remove and fit and help to prevent slipping. We also offer vehicle-specific floor mats for dozens of car brands such as Mercedes floor mats, VW floor mats, BMW floor mats, Ford floor mats etc.

Loading sill protection at fussmattenprofi

Our high-quality products also include the load sill protector, with which you can optimally protect the boot of your car from scratches. No matter whether you are looking for your Audi, VW or Mercedes floor mats, visit our online shop and order your top quality car floor mats.
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