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Bumper protection for carefree loading

A high-quality bumper protector is a must if you often pack heavy or bulky items in the boot. Especially the owners of off-road vehicles cannot do without this car accessory, which can effectively protect the loading sill from expensive damage. Otherwise, car owners face high costs for repair and painting. Expensive damage can also result in the resale value of your car being significantly lower. Many potential customers assume that a damaged bumper or a dirty foot area in the car indicates a driver who neglects car care in all respects.

Well-maintained bumper for more resale value

A high-quality bumper protector, on the other hand, can provide an eye-catching design and convince the potential buyer that the owner has generally taken good care of his car. At the end of the day, this means an increased resale value. As doormat pro we offer careful motorists not only high-quality and perfectly fitting rubber floor mats, but also perfectly fitting load sill films in top quality. This is a load sill protection with which your vehicle is something special for you and attracts admiring glances.

Stainless steel chrome bumper protector

bumper protection10 With this load sill protector, you benefit from optimum protection of the rear bumper. This load sill protector made of stainless steel chrome material is a perfect fit and the millimetre-precise cut is thanks to a computer-controlled laser machine. No matter whether Bumper protection for VW, Bumper protection for Audi, Bumper protection for BMW or Loading edge protection for MercedesThanks to this high-quality finish, you can effectively protect the bumper from damage caused by household goods, bulky luggage or even dog claws. This is a real relief for drivers who want to load their car with the best conscience and faster, leaving no damage behind. What's more, it's also very easy to attach. Strong adhesive tapes are available for this and you don't need any drilling for installation, which can cause additional damage.

High-quality 3D fit floor mats

In addition to our high-quality loading sill films, we also offer custom-fit car floor mats for dozens of car brands. Among them also VW floor mats, Audi floor mats, Mercedes floor mats, BMW floor mats, Renault floor mats etc.
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