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Audi A7: The most reliable car in the luxury class

People who want to buy a new car like to know which cars are reliable. Especially for people who want a car in the luxury class, this is an important issue. Cars in this class logically cost a lot and therefore must not disappoint the buyer. This requires thorough research.

We are helped in this by, for example, specialist journals that regularly publish the results of their research for us. Also ADAC and TÜV get busy every year for the most reliable cars and give us orientation before we buy. This tells us which car models have particularly few defects.

TÜV Report 2021, the Audi 7 was named the most reliable car in the luxury class for the year 2021. According to this report, the defect rate for this car is 4.3 percent. By the defect rate we mean the number of examples of this car model that have significant defects.

A car model with several advantages

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So it's not for nothing that the Audi A7 Sportback is so coveted by many car lovers. The luxury class car is now regarded as an all-rounder that is as luxurious as a saloon, as practical as an estate and as sporty as a coupe.

With its perfectly coordinated interior, considerable load volume, automatic start-stop system and head-up system, the Audi A7 offers a feel-good guarantee for the driver and for the passengers.

With this car model, the manufacturer offers the first four-door coupé with the four rings. The stylishly shaped car model offers a good amount of space for four people despite its flowing forms. Bite-sized matrix LED laser light headlights, deep-drawn single-frame radiator grille, sharpened sheet metal dress and continuous light band between the rear lights are highlights missing from the predecessor model A6.

Reliable floor mats for the dependable luxury class car


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For such a high-end car, you definitely need custom-fit floor mats that highlight the car's value. As doormat pro we offer you rubber floor mats with an exact fit, which have many advantages.

Custom-fit Audi A7 floor mats in top quality


These are easy-to-clean rubber car mats that are non-slip and water-repellent with their high edges and fastening clips. They are also sound-absorbing, odourless and easy to remove and fit. Our Audi A7 Floor Mats are also visual eye-catchers, so you can preserve the sales value of your car.

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