5D Premium Car Floor Mats TPE Set fits Mini Countryman (1.Gen) Year of Construction 2010-2017

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  • Designed by: Germany
  • Shipping: Frankfurt on the Main
  • A perfect fit: 100%
  • Quality: EU quality
  • Type: Doormats
  • Material: TPE

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Elegant 5D floor mat set suitable for Mini Countryman (1st gen.) (model year 2010-2017)

Transform the interior of your 1st generation Mini Countryman from 2010-2017 into an oasis of elegance and comfort with our customised 5D floor mat set. Designed to be an ideal complement to your Mini Countryman, this set of exquisite floor mats combines precision and safety with an anti-slip surface, outstanding comfort and protection from wear and tear. The stylish design together with the easy cleanability elevates the interior of your SUV to an unrivalled level of aesthetics.

Outstanding features of the Mini Countryman floor mat set

For a clear overview, we have summarised the most important properties of our floor mats in a practical table:

Feature Description of the
Exact fit Customised with the latest 3D laser technology for a perfect fit and increased slip resistance.
Reinforced pedal area Extends the service life of the floor mats and actively promotes safety while driving.
High edges Offer optimum protection against dirt and moisture.
High-quality materials Made from the finest imitation leather and a three-layer structure with robust EVA foam.
EU standards Designed in Germany, certified to ISO 9001:2008, meets the high European quality standards.
All-weather capability Perfect for all seasons, from frosty winter to scorching summer.
Simple installation Quick and easy to install and remove, for stress-free use.

Professional refinement for Mini Countryman and driver

Advantages for the driver

  • Slip resistance: Ensures a stable hold and minimises foot slippage, which contributes to significantly increased driving safety.
  • Effective shock absorption: Protects against shocks, improves riding comfort and ensures a pleasant pedalling sensation.
  • Thermal and sound insulation: Optimises the driving experience by providing additional insulation against cold and noise.
  • Easy cleaning: Easy to keep clean and resistant to stains, it makes maintenance easier and saves valuable time.

With this exquisite 5D floor mat set for your Mini Countryman, you are not only enhancing the aesthetics and comfort of your vehicle, but also investing in a durable and practical solution for maintaining the interior.

Advantages for your Mini Countryman

Enhance the protection and visual appeal of your Mini Countryman with our customised floor mats. These are precisely tailored to the specific model of your vehicle and offer comprehensive protection against wear, dust, water, moisture, harmful UV radiation and corrosion. The aim is to preserve and enhance the longevity and aesthetic appearance of your Mini Countryman.

Adaptability and harmonious design

Designed with the utmost care to seamlessly complement the interior of your home. Mini Countryman These first-class floor mats emphasise the elegant and stylish character of your car. They blend in perfectly and support the existing design without compromising.

Your advantages with fussmattenprofi

Experience the benefits of purchasing your Mini Countryman floor mats from doormat pro offers:

  • Simple and secure online ordering: Benefit from our user-friendly online system for quick and easy order processing.
  • Centrally located warehouse in Frankfurt: Thanks to our centrally located warehouse in Frankfurt, we guarantee fast and efficient delivery of your floor mats throughout Europe.
  • Fast delivery times: Our optimised processes ensure that your order is delivered quickly.
  • Excellent customer service: Our team will provide you with professional advice and support you in selecting your floor mats and with any other enquiries.

Care instructions for your Mini Countryman special floor mats

To make caring for your floor mats as easy as possible, we have summarised the instructions in a clear table:

Step Instructions
Removal and cleaning Remove the floor mats from your vehicle and shake them out to remove coarse dirt. Then use a hoover for fine dust and smaller particles.
Stain treatment For stubborn stains, we recommend a mild, water-based cleaning solution and gentle treatment with a soft brush or sponge.
Sinks Rinse the floor mats thoroughly with clean water to remove cleaning residues.
Air drying Allow the floor mats to air dry completely before you use them again to prevent mould growth or unpleasant odours.
Gentle cleaning Avoid aggressive chemicals or high-pressure cleaners to protect the material. Mild cleaning methods will preserve the quality and appearance of your floor mats.


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