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Protection from dirt: 4D rubber mats for minibuses

Dirt, moisture and wear are the biggest enemies of every vehicle interior. Especially in minibuses, which are often used for transport and excursions, dirt can quickly become a major problem. To protect the interior from damage, custom-fit floor mats for floor mats are indispensable. 4D rubber mats with an extra high side edge offer a special solution here, ensuring maximum protection and a perfect fit.

Why 4D rubber mats with extra high side edge for minibuses?

4D rubber mats are a further development of conventional floor mats and offer several advantages. Compared to normal floor mats, which are mostly flat and without a border, 4D rubber mats offer an extra high side border that prevents dirt, moisture or snow from entering the interior.

The 4D design also ensures a perfect fit and seals off all corners and edges. This provides optimum protection for the floor covering and keeps the interior clean.

Special features of 4D rubber mats with extra high side edge

4d rubber mats

The special features of 4D rubber mats with extra high side edge make them an ideal solution for minibuses. The extra high side edge ensures that no dirt or water gets into the interior, even in adverse weather conditions. The robust material of the rubber mats is hard-wearing and durable. At the same time, the 4D rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain.

Areas of application for 4D rubber mats with extra high side edge

4D rubber mats with extra high side edges for minibuses are available for many different models. They are particularly practical for transports and excursions when the interior of the minibus is heavily used. But 4D floor mats also offer perfect protection for the floor covering in everyday use. The precision-fit rubber mats can be easily inserted and removed again if necessary.

Custom-fit 4D rubber mats from fussmattenprofi

If you are looking for high-quality 4D floor mats with an extra high side edge for your minibus, you should pay attention to a perfect fit, robust material and an extra high side edge. A recommended brand for rubber mats is doormat pro.

The company offers custom-fit 4D rubber mats for various models of minibuses that have all the above features. Through the online shop of doormat pro the matching rubber mats can be ordered conveniently from home.

Minibus floor mats for several brands


As doormat pro we offer tailor-made 4D minibus mats for many models from several pickup brands. These also include Volkswagen Transporter T4 Floor Mats etc.

Truck floor mats for clean transport

Besides Minibus floor mats resp. Pickup floor mats we also offer truck floor mats. These include, for example, precisely fitting MAN floor mats etc.

5D car floor mats with revolutionary features

Not to be forgotten are the custom-fit 5D Car Floor Matswhich provide special comfort with numerous highlights. These are rubber floor mats consisting of multi-layer material with EVA foam. We offer these rubber mats for numerous car brands, including Mercedes-Benz, VW, BMW and Audi.

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