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BMW 3 Series: Popular for its sporty character

It's been over 40 years since the BMW 3 Series has been on the roads. It has been popular ever since. That's no wonder, of course. For seven generations, the mid-range vehicles have provided dynamic driving pleasure. Sporty dynamics, functionality, safety and innovation. That's what makes the BMW 3 Series so special.

Thanks to these cornerstones, it is the favourite of drivers who value individuality, design, dynamics and engine power. To this end, the manufacturer has continued to develop the series and in doing so has also fulfilled the wishes of drivers who want to be on the road with lower emissions and greater fuel economy.

This is how models such as the Touring, Coupé, Convertible and Compact and many other BMW models were created that have fascinated drivers to this day. In order to maintain this fascination, the manufacturer puts the sporty character of the BMW 3 Series at the heart of every generation.

And it pays off. The BMW 3 Series is a mid-range model series with which BMW has achieved very high profits to date. Thus, this model series is the company's most built vehicle series. With these special features, it puts cars on the roads that are considered the main competitor of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Skoda Octavia or VW Passat.

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As doormat pro we don't lose sight of this fact and do BMW drivers of this range a big favour with our high-quality BMW floor mats. We produce high quality 3s BMW floor mats in fit and provide an all-round solution for the foot area in the car.

It does not matter whether you Floor mats for BMW Touring or Floor Mats for G20 Sedan You can find custom-fit 3D floor mats for your car model here. Our rubber floor mats are waterproof, non-slip and environmentally friendly, which has several advantages for you. Above all, this creates safety for you and your car, and cleaning is child's play. In addition, you can enjoy an eye-catcher in the car interior.

Car mats for all BMW models

bmw floor mats

In addition to the BMW 3 Series, we of course offer floor mats for other BMW modelsbut also for hundreds of car models from dozens of car brands, including Mercedes Floor Mats, Audi Floor Mats, VW Floor Mats, Seat Floor Mats etc. Visit our online shop and order your custom-fit rubber mats for your car!

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