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Floor mats for Mini, the favourite car of women

Hygiene, cleanliness and order. Women pay a lot of attention to this. But sometimes it is quite difficult for them to maintain these qualities with discipline. Women who, for example Mini drive know how tedious it can be if they want to keep the interior clean all the time. So Mini is very popular, but except for the narrow footwell.

Regular cleaning is a big problem, especially on rainy and snowy days, and those who give up have to deal with mud, moisture and dirt. The dirt from moisture, pebbles and leaves also poses a great danger to the car. If this dirt gets into the car's interior, one has to bear high repair costs due to corrosion damage.

On the other hand, a dirty and narrow footwell can cause accidents. Drivers and riders need enough space when braking and accelerating, and unclean floors can be problematic, especially in a Mini. The best way to combat this is with high quality car floor mats.

Custom-fit Mini floor mats at fussmattenprofi


As doormat pro we provide Mini female drivers with 3D custom-fit floor mats. These are customised rubber floor mats in top quality. No matter whether Floor Mats for Mini Clubman, Floor Mats for Mini Countryman or Floor Mats for Mini CooperHere you will find perfectly fitting 3D floor mats for various Mini models.

The exact fit is not only due to laser measurement, but also to the high edge and the clever fastening clips. Thanks to these features, the rubber mats cover the entire floor and this prevents liquids from reaching the inside of the car. This also makes them particularly slip-resistant, which is a plus against traffic accidents.

All Weather Floor Mats for Women

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Our Mini Floor Mats on the other hand, are durable, odourless, sound-absorbing and environmentally friendly. These are All-weather floor matswhich you can use at any time and can be removed and mounted very easily. This makes regular cleaning much easier.

Custom-fit car mats from Alfa Romeo to Volvo


Another car brand that offers small cars for women is Smart. With us you can also find custom-fit Smart floor mats, Kia floor mats, but also car mats for car brands from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

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