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Toyota Corolla is the Golf on the global market

Toyota very popular worldwide with three car models

VW is the Germans' favourite car. This has been the case for years and is no longer a surprise. Six models from the group ended up in the top 10 of newly registered cars in Germany and the front-runner was again the VW Golf. On the global market, however, the situation looks quite different.

Three Toyota models landed in the top 10 of newly registered cars worldwide last year. The global Golf, by the way, is called the Corolla. At the end of last year, the company was pleased with 1,130,000 units. With this 7-digit sales figure, the Toyota Corolla is unattainable than ever.

In second place, the Toyota RAV4 has overtaken the American Ford F-150 with 971,516 newly registered cars. Even though this car model is enjoying great success, it is being pushed by the Ford F-Series, which has managed to put 968. 179 newly registered cars on the roads.

In 4th and 5th place last year we looked at two Honda models: Honda CR-V and Honda Civic. The Honda CR-V is a car that has been considered the best-selling SUV in the world for years, so it was no surprise that this car repeated its success last year with 705,671 units. However, the same cannot be said for the Honda Civic in 5th place. This car recorded 16.3 percent more sales in the previous year.

VW Tiguan in 8th place in the global market


In 7th place is the Chevrolet Silverado, which is particularly popular in the US market. Its biggest competitors there are Ford F-Series and RAM, which put 631,593 newly registered cars on the roads worldwide last year and landed in 7th place.

We only see a German car in 8th place and it is not a VW Golf, but a VW Tiguan. This car model had overtaken the Golf model on the global market two years ago and was ranked 6th at that time. In Germany, it was the second best-selling car in the same year.

It is followed by the Toyota Camry with 592,648 newly registered cars. This car model was very popular in earlier times, especially in the USA. Last year, the Toyota recorded a significant decline with this model with 13.2 percent. In last place in the Top 10 is the Nissan Sylphy, which is particularly popular in Japan, China, Russia and Great Britain. The sedan recorded a sales growth of 14.4 per cent last year.

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