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Smart floor mats: More safety for the street flea

Smart is a German automotive brand that we owe to the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Swatch. The company was founded through this cooperation in 1994 and is still owned by Daimler AG. Since 2017, the company has also produced the electric models from Fortwo and ForFour.

Smart brings one of the most famous micro cars in the world to the market and the brand name is actually the composition of swatch, mercedes and art. On the other hand, the word in English means "smart", "chic" or "clever".

The Smart is a super small city car. Since it has short dimensions and a high roof, it is rightly called A Street Flea by many people. The drivers of this moving dwarf are now conquering the roads and, in addition to the Mini, it is now the world's most popular microcar.

Easy parking is one of the main reasons why people, but especially single people, choose this car. The car is interesting for those who only want an electric car. With the start of the New Year 2020, the company has said goodbye to the gasoline engine and only produces more electric cars.


High-quality fit floor mats for Smart models

Are you driving a Smart or are you considering buying one? Then we recommend you custom-fit Smart floor mats. Car floor mats for micro cars must be carefully selected. In the narrow interior of such cars, we often cannot even see the carpets. However, this does not mean that the protection of the floor must be neglected. On The Contrary! These cars need special floor care.


Custom-fit Smart floor mats buy cheap

As fussmattenprofi , we produce tailor-made Smart floor mats with the best quality. For a secure floor under our feet, we need these fit floor mats that are non-slip and do not give dirt and grime a chance. Visit our Online Shop, choose the Smart car brand and your Smart model and in a few minutes you can buy your Smart floor mats at a reasonable price.

Every floor mat manufacturer claims to produce high-quality floor mats and even manufacturers of universal mats want to offer Custom-Fit car carpets. However, a closer look at the production phase shows that accuracy and quality can have several stages.


3D floor mats for more safety, cleanliness and comfort

Our 3D floor mats for Smart are a perfect fit and offer the best quality. Thanks to a laser measurement, we obtain precisely fitting car floor mats for every single smart model. You can order car mats for the following Smart models from us at a low price: Smart Fortwo floor mats.

Our quality features are diverse. Once you have enjoyed the advantages of these quality features, you can never stop using them. Of course, this is no wonder. Especially the Smart-drivers need more safety, cleanliness and comfort in the car. Those who have dared to be on the road with a flea should have these three quality features, which are essential for maximum protection,


Car carpets with perfect Anti-slip system

One of the most important features of our car carpets is the slip resistance. With the perfect anti-slip system you do not slip on the floor and this is of great importance for the protection of the car as well as for drivers and passengers. The anti-slip system prevents moisture from rainwater, slush or other liquids on the floor from getting into the interior of the car and causing damage to the body.

On the other hand, our car carpets do not roll up at the corners. This special feature is vital so that you do not step on the pedal. The high-quality synthetic leather material, the high edge and the clever fastening system also ensure that the carpet never slips.


Car rubber mats for small cars

Our car carpets are   environmentally friendly rubber floor mats. They are very easy to remove and mount due to the mounting clips. You also need just a few seconds for rinsing. Anyone sitting in a small car needs comfort and our Smart floor mats show what high-quality car mats with high edges can promise.

You do not drive a Smart? We produce high-quality floor mats with the best fitting accuracy practically for all world-famous car brands. From Alfa Romeo floor mats   to Volvo floor mats, we offer car carpets for dozens of car brands, including Audi floor mats, BMW floor mats, Volkswagen floor mats, Mercedes-Benz floor mats, Mini floor mats or Tesla floor mats.