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Skoda doormat of high quality and perfect fit for Octavia, Karoq, Kodiaq, Superb. Find Skoda rubber mats here. 100% tailored by the manufacturer ✓ Short delivery time ✓ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

3D rubber floor mats for all Skoda models

Skoda is a Czech car manufacturer with a long history. The company has been producing cars since 1905 and these cars are now very popular all over the world. In 2016, the company sold worldwide 1.126.477 vehicles. In 2013, the company announced that it had produced 15 million vehicles since its founding.

Skoda models are also very popular in Germany. Especially the Skoda Octavia is highly sought after as a spacious family car. As a result of this interest, this model was in the sixth place of the best-selling cars in Germany in 2018. This year 58,444 copies were bought in Germany.

There were good reasons for the German drivers who chose this Skoda model. Skoda Octavia is an economical compact car that provides more comfort, safety and spaciousness. Especially the large luggage compartment is an important decision-making factor. There are, of course, other very popular Skoda models that enjoy worldwide popularity.

Custom-fit car rubber mats for all Skoda models

Models of worldwide and nationwide popular car brands are of course also in our focus. According to the great interest, we produce car floor mats especially for Skoda models in our Berline company. These are tailor-made rubber floor mats that have a special quality and guarantee many advantages for Skoda drivers.

Thanks to this special feature, our Skoda floor mats fit exactly into the footwell of the various Skoda models. Thanks to modern laser measurement, we succeed in producing car floor mats that cover the entire floor 100 percent. Custom-fit floor mats mean clean, safe and comfortable driving and no universal mats can guarantee that.

But that's not the only reason why our floor mats for Skoda models are of high quality. We support this peculiarity through other properties such as the high edge, fastening system and the high-quality material.

Car carpet as the best mud flap

The high edge of our Skoda floor mats are real dirt traps. With this strainer no dust or liquid can reach the body of the vehicle. All dirt from rainwater, slush or animal hair remains on the floor surface.

The second support is the fastening clips. These ensure that the carpet does not roll up at the corners. It sits firmly and the dirt stays on the floor again. The last support is the material made of artificial leather. This waterproof and robust material sits properly on the bottom and we have a triple fit.

Non-slip car carpets for all Skoda models

Accuracy of fit serves not only to keep dirt on the floor. Thanks to the precise laser measurement, the high edge and the clever fastening system, we provide Skoda drivers with non-slip rubber floor mats that guarantee safe driving. Our Skoda floor mats do not slip even when suddenly braking. This also prevents the pedals from rolling, which can cause accidental braking or accelerating.

Our car rubber mats naturally promise comfortable driving. Thanks to the clever fastening system, the carpets can be easily removed and installed. In addition, the material facilitates quick cleaning and all the work is done in a few minutes.

Longevity is also an important feature when we need the best quality floor mats. As fussmattenprofi, we offer you robust all-weather floor mats that you can use in any season and still not wear out in a short time.

Skoda floor mats buy cheap

Anyone who thinks that such all-weather floor mats with the best quality are too expensive is mistaken. Visit our Online Shop, choose the Skoda car brand and then the model you drive, and in just a few minutes you will see that you can buy high-quality floor mats at low prices.

We provide the following Skoda floor mats: Floor mats for Skoda Fabia, floor mats for Skoada Karoq, floor mats Skoda Kodiaq, floor mats for Skoda Octavia, floor mats for Skoda Octavia (2nd Gen), floor mats Skoda Octavia (3rd Gen), floor mats for Skoda Superb (3rd gen.