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SEAT floor mats with best quality

SEAT is a Spanish automobile manufacturer, which was founded in 1950 and has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1986. Until this acquisition, the car manufacturer has led all cooperation with Fiat, Audi and Skoda.

The new registrations from last year show that the company is always continuing its success. The company closed 2019 with more than 138,000 new registrations. In the previous year there were about 122.00 new registrations. In Germany alone, there were more than 7,850 new registrations in December 2019.

Best quality with exact fit and slip resistance

This successful car manufacturer is also in our focus and we produce high-quality Seat floor mats with the best quality in our Berlin company. Best quality requires meeting many expectations and our car floor mats for SEAT do not leave any gaps open.

Car mats with the best quality are now fit floor mats. A comparison with universal floor mats clearly shows why quality is indispensable for car carpets. Custom-fit floor mats are car carpets that are manufactured individually. For an exact fit, we offer SEAT drivers laser measurement.

Several advantages of high-quality rubber floor mats

Fit floor mats cover the entire floor, and this brings several advantages. All the dirt we bring to the floor with shoes does not pile up at the edges of the floor surface and custom-made floor mats are non-slip.

What happens if car carpets do not cover the entire floor and are not non-slip? Car carpets that do not cover the whole floor can not protect the body from all the wetness or dirt. With our shoes we bring rainwater, slush, pebbles, wet leaves into the interior of the vehicle or inside, it often happens that liquids or animal hair accumulate on the edges of the interior, get into the body and even cause wear and rust.

SEAT car carpets protect against traffic accidents

On the other hand, slipping car rugs can cause traffic accidents. Especially car rugs that roll under the pedals can cause the driver to brake or throttle incorrectly.

Our Seat floor mats can eliminate these risks. They are not only accurate and non-slip, but have other special features that support these properties.

A very important support for the fit and slip resistance is the high edge of our 3D floor mats. The high Edge is a real mud catcher and ensures that the car carpet sits more firmly and does not slip. The slip resistance is especially vital under the pedals.

Best cleaning with 3D floor mats

The third support is the mounting clips. Thanks to this fastening system, it is also very easy to remove, clean and reassemble the car carpet. You can clean your Seat floor mats in just a few minutes and this also motivates you to clean them regularly.

Another support is the Material. Our rubber floor mats are made of high quality synthetic leather, which is waterproof, non-slip, robust and durable. These are all-weather floor mats that you can use in any season and are therefore also cheaper than the universal floor mats. They are odorless, sound-insulating and give your SEAT an optical feast for the eyes.

3D floor mats for all SEAT models

fussmattenprofi offers you high quality car mats for the following SEAT models: floor mats for Seat Ibiza (4th Gen), floor mats for Seat Leon (3rd Gen), floor mats for Seat Leon III, floor mats for Seat Tarraco, floor mats for Seat Ateca.

Visit our Online Shop, choose SEAT and the model you are driving. In just a few minutes you can buy your floor mats cheap. In addition to our Seat floor mats, we offer floor mats for dozens of car brands. From Alfa Romeo floor mats to Volvo floor mats, we provide you with high quality rubber floor mats, including Audi floor mats, Mercedes-Benz floor mats, VW floor mats, Tesla floor mats, etc.