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Optimal floor mats for the car interior

The importance of car floor mats should not be underestimated when it comes to car interior maintenance. Especially in regions with rain and snow, they are definitely not to be lost sight of. Otherwise, we are threatened with a dirty floor, which not only affects comfort, but also our safety. On the other hand, a car with a dirty floor means faster wear and tear and repair costs.

There are different types of floor mats to avoid such undesirable results in the car interior. We distinguish between car mats made of textiles, floor mats made of wood, stainless steel and rubber. Textile floor mats are made of polyester, polyamide or polypropylene fibre and are available as non-woven, tuft velour or needle felt mats.

There are also different types of car floor mats in terms of shape. Here we distinguish between precision-fit floor mats, universal and semi-universal car interior floor mats. We recommend custom-fit rubber floor mats with a high edge. These are car mats that provide numerous advantages for comfortable and safe driving.

Easy cleaning, optimal slip resistance

Rubber car mats

As doormat pro we offer drivers perfectly fitting car floor mats with a high edge and made of robust material. These rubber floor mats have clever fastening clips, making removal and fixing child's play. Thanks to this special feature, the 3D floor mats can be cleaned very often. The material also makes cleaning very easy.

A very special advantage is the slip resistance of the rubber mats. Due to the high edge, the fastening clips and the precision fit, they are non-slip and this makes driving comfortable and safe. Slippery floor mats are a great danger, especially under the pedals.

Car floor mats for optimum resale value

In addition to serving a functional purpose, the precision fit also serves a visual purpose in car interiors. Precisely fitting car floor mats cover the entire foot area and thus beautify the interior and ensure an optimal resale value. A car interior with a visual eye-catcher convinces every prospective buyer.

Clean car interior for families and dog owners

3D doormats with a high edge are especially ideal for families and drivers with pets. Anyone who takes their children to school every day or can't leave their dog alone at home needs a footwell in their car that has to stay clean all the time. Our rubber floor mats are therefore perfectly suited.

Custom-fit rubber car mats at fussmattenprofi

At fussmattenprofi you will find top quality 3D floor mats for dozens of car brands, including VW, Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

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