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High-quality floor mats at a bargain price!

The car has a high value for Germans. So it's no wonder that we hear the following time and again: The car is the Germans' favourite child! The car is dear to us. That's why we do everything we can to keep it well looked after. The vehicle floor needs special protection.

The car floor is one of the places in the interior of the cars that is affected every day by dirt, dust and in winter by mud and snow. To reduce the depreciation, we need proper floor mats for our car.
By proper floor mats, we mean custom-fit 3D car floor mats that are high quality and, as a consequence of this feature, non-slip, waterproof and environmentally friendly. Our car floor mats also guarantee easy cleaning. This also makes inserting, removing and rinsing them child's play.

As an innovative company in the capital Berlin, we produce our rubber floor mats thanks to precise laser measurements. As a result, we have custom-fit car mats individually for the manufacturer and for the model of your car.



Whether dust, mud or snow, our 3D floor mats repel all kinds of dirt and liquids. With a custom fit and slip resistance, these comfortable car mats protect drivers from potential accidents.

Every doormat we have produced is completely free of chemical additives. This is simply because we do not use any chemical compositions or processing and rely on so-called eco-compliant production and disposal.
These are floor mats made of high-quality leather in two colours. With high-quality floor mats in black and beige, we ensure that everyone has a floor mat for the footwell in their car that matches the colour of the interior.

Our product range is comprehensive and covers all needs. We provide high quality BMW floor mats, Mercedes floor mats, Audi floor mats and floor mats for many other cars. Visit our online shop immediately, discover our extensive range and buy high-quality car mats for a wide variety of car models at an advantageous price.


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