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Buy Ford floor mats, preserve resale value

No Ford driver wants to sell his car. The car brand belongs to a globally rooted company and has been known for its legendary car models for many years. Sometimes, of course, we run into financial difficulties and have to sell our beloved Ford Kuga or Ford Fiesta, even if we don't want to. But some are happy. After driving a Ford model for years, you now want to buy a new Ford Model.

The question now is how to sell your old Ford at a reasonable price. The answer lies in the preservation of the resale value and here the car floor mats play a not to be underestimated role. You have not read it wrong. Man can preserve the resale value of a Ford model by proper car mats.

Ford floor mats: constant cleanliness for constant safety

Car carpets make a great contribution to the cleanliness of the car. Many motorists are of the opinion that you can achieve a constant comfort with the constant cleanliness. Of course, it is very important to enjoy the comfort in a car like Ford Mondeo or Ford Mustang, otherwise it would be a real pity. But Ford floor mats have bigger tasks to perform.

Ford drivers must not forget that clean interior means more safety at the same time, and when driving a car we need safety first and foremost. Worn, loose and non-waterproof floor mats cannot ensure the safety of the car and the driver or the passenger. Floor mats for Ford must therefore be non-slip, precise to fit and waterproof.

Car carpets with high Edge do not allow liquids

We produce for you just these floor mats in 3D form. Our 3D floor mats for Ford at a special price are manufactured by modern laser technology to fit your car. In addition, they have a high edge, so that they cover the entire floor area and do not allow liquids into the car interior.

What happens when liquids from rainwater or snow enter the interior of the car? This poses a great danger to the body. Such liquids can cause corrosion wear and both impair your safety and shorten the life of the car. Our custom-made and waterproof Ford floor mats radically fix this Problem and preserve resale value.

3D car floor mats with clever fastening system

In addition to precision fit and high edge, the fastening system of our car floor mats also serves for your safety while driving. Especially under the pedals we need non-slip floor mats. Loose floor mats can cause us to step on the wrong Pedal and cause a traffic accident. The clever click system also facilitates Assembly and disassembly.

The comfort and the beautiful look are also very important criteria in the preservation of the resale value. Especially thanks to the high edge, our car carpets are highly sought after. With the edge, the floor is non-slip and you enjoy a visual feast for the eyes with car foot mat in black and Beige.

3D rubber floor mats for all Ford models

As fußmattenprofi we guarantee the preservation of the resale value and the comfort for the following Ford models: Ford B Max floor mats, Ford C Max floor mats, Ford Connect floor mats, Ford Courier floor mats, Ford Fiesta floor mats, Ford Focus floor mats, Ford Kuga floor mats, Ford Mondeo floor mats, Ford Mustang floor mats, Ford Ranger floor mats, Ford S-Max floor mats.

Visit our Online Shop, choose the car brand and model you drive and order our high-quality, environmentally friendly and odourless floor mats for Ford in just a few minutes.

Are you driving another Super car whose resale value you want to preserve in the same way? We produce floor mats for numerous car brands from Alfa Romeo to Suzuki and Volvo. Whether you need a Toyota floro mats, Porsche floor mats or Renault floor mats , with us you will simply find everything you need for your car.