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Tips for cleaning the inside of your car: How to keep your car clean and well-maintained

Preparation of the car interior cleaning

Before you start cleaning the car interior, make sure you have all the necessary cleaning and care products and cleaning utensils within easy reach. These include a hoover or small change for the hoover in the self-service facility, a cleaning bucket with lukewarm water, clean microfibre cloths, a sponge, cockpit cleaner, upholstery cleaner and leather cleaner if necessary.

Decluttering the interior

The first step in cleaning the interior of your car is to remove rubbish and loose objects. Throw away old parking tickets and empty rubbish bins or ashtrays if necessary.

Thorough vacuum cleaning

After you have de-cluttered the interior, vacuum it out thoroughly. Don't forget to vacuum out the floor mats and the boot as well. It is best to start with the boot and work your way forward. Also vacuum under the floor cover and use a soft brush attachment to protect leather seats.

Vacuuming upholstery and carpets in the footwell

car interior cleaning
High quality floor mats are of great importance in terms of car interior cleaning.

Use a thin long attachment on the hoover to clean the crevices on the seats and the narrow door shelves. This attachment also helps to remove dirt from the frontmost dashboard area.

Cleaning the dashboards and sill trims

Thoroughly wipe dust on the dashboards, console, surfaces and door panels. One area that tends to be overlooked is the front part of the fittings.

Practical detail work - the little nooks and crannies

Clean the nozzles and gaps with a brush or paintbrush.

Cleaning windows and mirrors

Do not forget to clean the windows and mirrors as well. Use a window cleaner and a chamois or kitchen crepe for this.

Vacuum and clean seats and upholstery

If necessary, clean the car seats and upholstery with a damp cloth. Use an upholstery cleaner or leather cleaner for this purpose.

Cleaning Car Floor Mats Green

Remove loose mats and carpets from the trolley and knock them out.

Custom-fit 5D rubber floor mats from fussmattenprofi

car cleaning

If you are looking for new floor mats for your car, you should take a look at the precisely fitting 5D rubber floor mats from doormat pro View. These mats are specially tailored for your car and offer optimum protection against dirt and moisture.

Custom-fit 5D rubber floor mats from fussmattenprofi

Thanks to the precision fit, liquids or dirt remain on the surface and do not get into the vehicle interior. Another advantage is the extra high side walls, which, as so-called shell mats, keep dirt on the surface and also keep the side walls clean.

These rubber car mats are made of EVA foam and are therefore very easy to clean. Thanks to this material composition, they offer excellent water and moisture resistance. The doormat pro Rubber floor mats are easy to fit and prevent slipping, which is essential for safe driving.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your car's interior stays clean and well-maintained. Regular cleaning not only helps to remove dirt, germs and bacteria, but also increases the resale value of your car. With the custom-fit rubber floor mats from doormat pro you have a practical and durable solution for protecting your car interior.

With us you will find 5D rubber mats for many car brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW and BMW.

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