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Aiways U5: Family SUV from China

Aiways is a Chinese start-up founded in 2017 that is trying to use the unique shift to electrification to build a global brand. The play on words with "Airways" can of course be confusing for many. But if you know that the word "love in Chinese is "Ai", it may even strike you as sympathetic.

Of course, the main thing is whether you can fall in love with this car with the U5 model. If you keep an open mind, you definitely could. With Aiway's U5, you now have a vehicle that can compete with family SUVs such as the Kia Niro EV, Hyundai Kona or even the Audi Q4 e-tron.

Aiways U5 available in 14 European countries

The Chinese focused especially on space, technology and a competitive price for this car. The car is already available in 14 European countries. The manufacturer of this car is quite ambitious and financially in a good position. This is also shown by the factory with a capacity for 300,000 vehicles. In addition, the manufacturer has a complete R&D centre and a battery factory.

It is also wise of the manufacturer, the ex-chief operating officer of Volvo, to work with a number of blue-chip automotive suppliers from the outset. This also makes it easy for him to produce cars that meet international expectations. The partners include chassis specialist Bosch, battery expert CATL and renowned parts supplier Lear.

More Aiways models on the way soon

Nor does its ambition end with selling the U5 around the world. The company has plans to prepare a whole range of cars for sale, including more SUVs, a five-door coupé and even a high-performance sports car. As doormat pro we will prepare for this and start producing the custom-fit TPE floor mats and rubber floor mats right away.

Surely the Aiways U5 looks a little different?

The front of the car feels somewhat derivative. The sides reveal that the car has a long wheelbase and a spacious interior. The rear looks really interesting. The net result is a car that has presence.

What do we mean by big?

Aiway's U5 is more spacious than many of its similarly priced competitors. Above all, the legroom and limousine-like space in the front and rear are great. Likewise, there is more than enough room for three adults in the rear. The car has a completely flat footwell and that is a big contributor to this spaciousness. We take this into account when manufacturing our custom-fit Aiways U5 Floor Mats.

Thanks to the absence of a glove compartment, the front passenger also enjoys business class standards. In addition, the rear seats can be folded flat, which improves user-friendliness. The luggage compartment is standard size at 432 to 1,555 litres. The latest model offers more high-end materials.

According to its executives, the U5 was designed from the ground up as an electric car, giving it an advantage over rivals that have had to modify designs focused on internal combustion engines. For example, the relatively modest 63-kWh battery can deliver a range of 249 miles, according to the latest, toughest tests.

Aiways floor mats with an exact fit

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As fussmatprofi, we focus on an exact fit for our U5 floor mats. These are high-quality TPE floor mats and rubber floor mats that cover the entire foot area and protect the interior of the car in many ways.

We use high-quality TPE material for our custom-fit TPE floor mats. Our rubber floor mats, on the other hand, are made from high-quality rubber. Both car floor mats ensure that liquids, dirt and grime do not reach the inside of the car. This is an important protection against bodywork damage. On the other hand, they are non-slip and can save lives, especially during sudden braking.

As doormat pro we produce TPE car mats for Aiways U5, which are particularly non-slip thanks to their high edge and clever clips. On the other hand, they can be removed and fitted very easily. That means more cleaning pleasure.

Top quality family SUV floor mats

Rubber car mats

Besides Car mats for Aiways U5 we also produce floor mats for other saloons with an exact fit. These include for example Kia Niro floor mats, Hyundai Kona floor mats, Audi Q4 e-tron floor mats, Suzuki Floor Mats etc. No matter whether MercedesVW or BMW, you will find the right car floor mat for all brands.

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