3D floor mats suitable for Mercedes C Class (W205) 2014-2021

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  • Designed by: Germany
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  • Type: Doormats
  • A perfect fit: 100%
  • Material: Rubber mats
  • Quality: EU quality

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4-piece 3D rubber mats suitable for Mercedes C Class (W205) (model year from 2014)

Immerse yourself in the world of vehicle care with our customised 3D rubber mats, specially developed for the Mercedes C Class W205 series from model years 2014 onwards. These high-quality car floor mats not only offer first-class protection for your vehicle floor, but also represent a stylish addition to your vehicle interior.

Special features of the 3D Mercedes C Class (W205) floor mats

  • Outstanding material qualityOur 3D floor mats are made of high-quality, durable material that retains its shape and quality even with frequent use.
  • Optimum slip resistanceThe rubber mats provide a secure grip that minimises the risk of slipping and therefore increases safety when driving.
  • Robust and resistant: Especially for the Mercedes C Class (W205) our 3D rubber car mats are extremely resistant to dirt and moisture, making them ideal companions for every journey.
  • Perfect fit and flexibilityThe remarkable flexibility allows the rubber mats to adapt perfectly to the contours of your vehicle without losing their shape.
  • Complete floor coveringThe set consists of four floor mats that cover the entire vehicle floor, including the driver's and front passenger's foot areas and the rear rows of seats, to ensure maximum protection and a harmonious appearance in the interior.
  • Manufactured in Germany to the highest standardsEach product is manufactured in Germany with the highest precision and fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • Suitable for all seasonsOur 3D rubber car mats for the Mercedes C Class (W205) prove their worth in all weather conditions, whether in cold winter or hot summer.
  • Simple installation and cleaningInstallation and removal of the 3D rubber floor mats are user-friendly, and they are easy to clean by wiping or washing.

Advanced manufacturing process for maximum slip resistance

Feature Description of the
Precise fit The 3D scanning process ensures accurate adaptation to the contours of the vehicle interior.
High edges The raised edges effectively retain dirt and liquids and give the interior a high-quality look.
Special grooves & fastening clips Unique grooves and fastening clips ensure secure anchoring and prevent slippage.

Take the opportunity to improve your vehicle with our innovative and high-quality 3D Mercedes C Class (W205) rubber mats. These premium floor mats from doormat pro not only offer excellent protection for your car, but also guarantee long-term comfort and a perfect fit. Find out how this investment increases the value of your vehicle and takes your driving experience to a new level.

How to clean your 3D Mercedes C Class (W205) rubber mats

Step Instructions
Distance Remove the rubber mats, shake them to remove loose dirt and vacuum the dust thoroughly.
Stain treatment Use a mild detergent and a soft brush or sponge to treat stains.
Rinsing Rinse the rubber floor mats thoroughly with clean water.
Drying Make sure that the mats are completely air-dried before you use them again to prevent mould growth.
Gentle care Avoid using aggressive chemicals or high-pressure cleaners to prevent damage.

Your advantages with fussmattenprofi

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Central warehouse in Frankfurt Our centrally located warehouse in Frankfurt enables fast delivery throughout Europe.
Fast delivery guarantee We guarantee fast order processing and immediate dispatch of your order.
Excellent customer support Our competent support team is always available to help you with any questions you may have.


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