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Suzuki floor mats: Environmentally friendly and with an exact fit

Suzuki has been one of the largest car manufacturers in the world for over 100 years. In these years, the Japanese automotive group has significantly facilitated the lives of the people who have chosen this car brand with innovative technologies. The quality of these cars that Suzuki brought to the market have shown that people's interests were just.

There are various reasons for this popularity. The multiple award-winning design, suitability for everyday use, emission-reducing hybrid technology are, above all, reasons that move people to this global brand.

The company has 35 main manufacturing facilities in over 24 countries and these factories produced more than 3.3 million vehicles in 2017 and 2018. This makes the company the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Suzuki is also quite popular in Germany. The company owes this popularity to the Swift model.

One of the most important features that the company is proud of is environmentally friendly production. The company always invests in resource-saving products and production processes. With a sophisticated environmental protection concept, the company tries to improve the environmental compatibility of the products and to use them more effectively.

Recycling, the use of compact and lightweight components, reducing the number of components, recycling old cars, avoiding mixed materials and hazardous substances such as asbestos and setting up old car return points are among the few measures taken by the Japanese car manufacturer.

Environmentally friendly 3D floor mats for Skoda models
This special feature is also in our focus. As fussmattenprofi , we produce Suzuki floor mats in our Berlin company and environmental friendliness is our top priority. All the materials that we need in the manufacture of car floor mats are not exposed to any chemical compositions or processing.

We consider environmentally compatible floor mats as a social responsibility and focus on eco-compliant production and disposal. Our rubber floor mats are made of high-quality synthetic leather and, with this special feature, belong to the new generation of car carpets.

Durable all-weather floor mats for Skoda models
The longevity of our car carpets is also a very important contribution to the environment. These are robust all-weather floor mats that can be used in any season and still do not wear out. Who uses his car rubber mats for years, saves of course also a lot of money.

Custom-fit car rubber mats with best quality
Our car rubber mats are also fit floor mats, which guarantee exact fit thanks to a modern laser measurement. This guarantees Suzuki drivers the best possible protection for the floor. Whether you drive a Suzuki Swift or a Suzuki Vitara, we guarantee custom-fit car rubber mats that cover the entire floor.

Car mats for Suzuki: easy to clean, easy to assemble
Car carpets, which cover the entire floor, even the middle bar, have many advantages. These car carpets do not give liquids and dirt on the floor a chance. These cannot reach the interior of the car and damage the body. The high edge and the fastening clips provide great support.

3D car floor mats: best protection for the floor and driver
Especially the slip resistance is an indispensable safety factor. Our 3D floor mats for Suzuki do not roll up at the corners, remain stable on the floor and do not cause wedging under the pedals. This is a very important protection against traffic accidents.

The high-quality Material and the fastening clips have a second advantage. Due to these special features, the car rubber floor mats can be easily removed, rinsed and then reassembled. It only takes a few minutes and that's actually a very good motivation for regular cleaning. If you keep the floor clean regularly, you can keep the resale value of your Suzuki at the same time.

Buy cheap Suzuki floor mats
Whether you need Suzuki Swift floor mats or Suzuki Vitara floor mats, we guarantee you a fast order and smooth shipment. But first visit the Sale Category! Who knows, maybe you can buy your desired 3D floor mats at a discounted price.