5D Premium car floor mats TPE set suitable for BMW iX year of construction from 2021

Key Features:
  • Designed by: Germany
  • Material: TPE
  • A perfect fit: 100%
  • Quality: EU quality
  • Type: Doormats
  • Shipping: Frankfurt on the Main

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5D Fußmatten passend für BMW iX (Baujahr ab 2021)

Steigern Sie den Wert Ihres BMW iX Baujahr ab 2021 mit unseren hochwertigen 5D Premium Fußmatten. Diese maßgeschneiderten Automatten versprechen eine exakte Passform und sind mit rutschfesten Eigenschaften sowie ausgezeichneter Stoßdämpfung und Kratzfestigkeit ausgestattet. Ihr elegantes Design, kombiniert mit einfacher Reinigung, macht sie zu einer idealen Wahl für anspruchsvolle Fahrzeuginnenräume.

Highlights von BMW iX Fußmatten

Feature Description of the
Precise fit High edges and precise cutting with 3D laser technology for a perfect fit and slip resistance.
Reinforced pedal area For increased service life of the floor mat and improved safety when driving.
High edges For maximum protection against dirt and moisture.
High-quality materials Combination of high-quality imitation leather and a three-layer structure with robust EVA foam.
EU standards Designed in Germany, certified to ISO 9001:2008, fulfils EU standards.
All-weather floor mats Suitable for all seasons, both winter and summer.
Simple assembly 5D Premium floor mats are easy to fit and remove.

Plus points for the driver

  • Secure hold thanks to anti-slip properties: Ensures stability and prevents slipping, which makes a significant contribution to safety.
  • Efficient shock absorption: Provides protection against shocks, increases comfort when riding and ensures a pleasant feeling underfoot.
  • Insulation against cold and noise: Increases driving comfort through improved heat and sound insulation.
  • Easy cleaning: Easy to care for and resistant to stains, reduces maintenance costs.

Pluspunkte für BMW iX

  • Additional protection: Provides effective protection against wear, dirt, water, moisture, UV rays and corrosion, which helps to preserve value.
  • Customisable design: Optisch auf den Innenraum des BMW iX abgestimmt, erhält das Fahrzeugdesign.

Your plus points with fussmattenprofi

  • Simple and secure online ordering: Our user-friendly online system enables quick and easy order processing.
  • Centrally located warehouse in Frankfurt: We guarantee efficient and fast delivery of your floor mats for BMW iX throughout Europe.
  • Fast delivery times: Our processes guarantee short processing and delivery times for your 5D floor mats.
  • Excellent customer service: doormat pro offers expert advice and support in the selection process and for any questions you may have about our automatic mats.

Reinigungshinweise für 5D BMW iX Fußmatten

  • Remove the car mats and knock them out: Remove the floor mats, knock off coarse dirt and vacuum.
  • Stain treatment: Use a mild detergent and water with a soft brush or sponge for stubborn stains.
  • Rinse off: Rinse the premium car floor mats thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Air dry: Allow the car floor mats to air dry completely before putting them back.
  • Gentle cleaning: Do not use aggressive chemicals or high-pressure cleaners.


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EU quality




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